Behind The Beats

Famous artists that searched internet for beats.

Nov 142017

     Today, leasing beats is becoming a standard entry point for fledging rappers and rising talent in hip-hop, helping buoy a generation of SoundCloud artists, and now making its way into the mainstream. Fetty Wap, Joey Bada$$, Bryson Tiller, and Young M.A have all scored hits using web-culled beats. A$AP Rocky admitted that he discovered the track for one of his songs by searching "A$AP Rocky–type beat" on YouTube.

     Perhaps most famously, Desiigner leased and then bought the beat for "Panda" (sold as a "Meek Mill–Ace Hood–type beat") for $200, landing the then unknown rapper a number one hit and record deal with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, while the beat's producer, Menace, signed a lucrative publishing deal.

Mixing beat.

Oct 222017

Less tracks.

Before I start mixing, I usually have < 25 tracks. I mute them, then turn on one by one starting with drums and bass. At that point, instrumental should sound solid already. Then I unmute all melodic instruments. If there is one Im not sure to keep it - I delete that (this is the hardest point - to delete something you been working on for some time)

Earlier, i had more tracks. I did stupid things like layering drums. Now if I dont like how it particular sound- I dont stack it all up, but just find best one. Also when arranging, there should be no 2 instruments playing on same octave. It makes mixing easier and overall sound much better.